聴象発景 in Rittor Base – HPL ver

An album, the 3D sound of the exhibition for listening with headphones

1 Atmos Crossing
2 Reflection/Inflection #1
3 Artificial Storm
4 Tropicalization
5 Reflection/Inflection #2
Total 41m43s

All Sound Production
Composed, Recorded & Mixed by evala

HPL Mastered by Jiro Kubo
Cover Designed by Ryoji Tanaka
Cover Photo by Kenshu Shintsubo
Curatorial Director by Kazunao Abe
Produced by See by Your Ears

Special Thanks to:
Rittor Base, ACOUSTIC FIELD INC., Semitransparent Design, Nakazu Bansyoen, Whole Universe, EDGEof, and Akio Suzuki